About the Gothia Cup

The Gothia Cup is a youth football tournament for boysand girls between the ages of 11 and 19 years, held inthe Swedish city of Gothenburg. The event aims tocreate a place for young people to meet, regardless of gender, social background, culture, skin color or religion.SKF is a proud partner of the event.

The Gothia Cup is not only Sweden’s biggest annualevent, but also it is the world’s largest youth football tournament. In 2013, 37,400 young players of 1,545 teams from 75 countries played in Gothia Cup, which breaks the record in 2012.

In addition, it also remains the most international tournament in the world, with more than a half of participating teams coming from abroad. Since its inception in 1975, millions of players from 139 nations have been represented in Gothenburg.

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