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Since 2006, "Meet the World” Tournament in China, which is the pre-event of the "Gothia Cup ", has attracted a lot of attention and praise from all sectors of the community.


In 2007, during the “Gothia Cup” competition in Sweden, the Chinese team received warm hospitality and encouragement from Cui Huixin, Consul General from China’s Consul general in Gothenburg, Sweden, who encouraged players to make persistent efforts to win glory for the motherland when they are grown up. In 2010, the "Meet the World" tournament received congratulatory greetings from FIFA President Joserf Bratt, who said the tournament, wholly sponsored by SKF is “for football, for the world, and for young people!". Meanwhile, the "Meet the World" tournament also received praise from Wei Di, Director of Administration of Sport Football, International Management Center, who expressed his encouragement to the development of youth football. As time has passed, more and more groups have shown their interest in this tournament. Furthermore, the major media portals are rushing to report on the "Meet the World " tournament, including Xinhua, Sina, Tencent, Xinmin network, the China Daily News, among others. The Shanghai Municipal Government has also shown its encouragement for the tournament held in Shanghai, 2010. In 2011, "Meet the world" moved to Dalian Liaoning province, which set off a wave of development in youth football and became a focal point of media attention. Also in the same year, SKF started to cooperate with CYDF to engage hope school kids to join the activity. Mr. Tu Meng, Secretary General of the CYDF, extended his heartfelt thanks to SKF for its long-term contribution to the youth sport activities of rural poverty-stricken regions in China and appealed for more enterprises to participate in projects that improve the educational environment for young people in poverty-stricken regions.


The government, media and other relevant organizations gave their full recognition and appreciation to the “Meet the world” tournament, sponsored by SKF, for the promotion of Chinese youth exchanges and the future development of youth football in China, which further underlines the values of SKF’s efforts.

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