About “Meet the World”

Since 2007, Gothenburg-based SKF has been the main global partner and sponsor of the Gothia Cup and has worked with the organizers to hold preliminary national tournaments - the Meet the World youth tournaments - in different countries, before sponsoring the winning teams to go to Gothenburg. By supporting the Gothia Cup, SKF has helped to build a platform of communication for young footballers across the globe. Teams are selected to participate in the Gothia Cup based on their performance in preliminary “Meet the World” invitational tournaments. These tournaments have been held in more than 20 different countries where SKF operates, giving unprecedented opportunities to youth from countries where participating in the Gothia Cup would otherwise have been impossible. 

SKF actively promotes “Meet the World” invitational tournaments across the globe and also organizes and fully sponsors “Meet the World” tournaments through its business organizations in various countries. Winning teams are invited to represent their country at the Gothia Cup in Sweden with all expenses paid by SKF.

Organizing “Meet the World” tournaments has been successful and is now one of SKF’s largest corporate social responsibility activities. SKF believes that while living conditions remain vastly different around the world, action can and should be taken to improve people’s lives in meaningful ways. One way by which SKF has realized this vision is joining hands with youth around the world to become partners with a shared purpose. By giving back to society in this way, SKF hopes to let more youth experience the equality of football, realize the joys of life, and understand the principles and values of SKF. 

In 2014, SKF sponsored 24 teams from 25 countries at the 2014 Gothia Cup. Until March, 2011, 58 “Meet the World” tournaments have been held in 28 countries involving around 12,000 participants. Over 1000 young people have been to Gothenburg as members of winning teams to compete in the summer events, with the chance of realizing their longed-for Gothia Cup dream.

“Meet the World” Introduction

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