TheAfforestation Project in 2010


2010 was the first year that SKF started the Forest project in China. Bajiazi Township of Fuxin County was chose as the project implementation location. 

The project area of Sino-Swedish Cooperation Afforestation Project Phase I Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County is located in northwest Liaoning province, south of Horqin Sands. This area in Fuxin County is defined as Ecological Sensitive of Class One, impacted by wind borne sand heavily. Planting forest in Fuxin County could help reduce wind borne sand invasion to further areas and Horqin Sands expansion to the south and to improve local resident’s quality of life accordingly. The project implementation in Fuxin County more likely could help build an ecological barrier for cities in the middle of Liaoning to play a positive role in guaranteeing the ecological safety of cities in the middle of Liaoning, and would have a significant practical meaning and long-term historical meaning to ecology development in Liaoning and the whole country. 

Afforestation scale: Planted 260.7 ha (GPS measured size). It consists of 4 fields linked together. 400K seedlings have been planted. The feedback from theexperts from SLU and SFA was also satisfying: the planted area was 100% qualified;survive rate of seedling was 90.5% in 2010; rate of Class A seedlings occupied 76.6% in 2010.


In 2010, investment was ¥3,704,000, in which ¥ 2,546,000 was borne to SKF.

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