TheAfforestation Project in 2011

After the first year of project implementation in 2010, the Afforestation Project continued to expand in Liaoning so as to guarantee the ecological safety of local people. In China, the demonstration effect of this afforestation project was obvious; SKF’s influence in China was improved; the supervision by experts from SKF guaranteed the quality.


Actually the project completed 107.6 ha, with 188,000 trees in total; survival rate reached 98.4%. Tree species included Chinese pine, Chinese arborvitae and Mongolian Scots pine, mixed with ansu apricot, black locust. At the same time, 133,000 seedlings for 2010 project field were replanted, and the survival rate was 90.6%.


Investment in 2011 was 2,126,000 RMB, and 1,761,000 RMB was received from SKF.





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