TheAfforestation Project in 2012-2013





Xiuyan County, Anshan City, locates in the east of Liaoning Province, was chosen as the new destination for the Afforestation Project. Desertification in Xiuyan was becoming serious and biodiversity decreased obviously in this area. The Afforestation Project implementation here could improve and enhance the quality, increase the ecological benefits of forests, prevent land desertification and conserve water sources. This forest project would set a model of sustainable forest management.


In 2012 another 120 ha (200000 trees) had been planted.  And the survival rate for 2012 was 95.9% and using of Classseedling was 98.4%.


In 2012, investment was ¥2,668,000, in which ¥2,184,000 was borne to SKF.




The forestation field for 2013 was 235.3 ha, located in Shihuiyan and Hadabei Township of Xiuyan County,741,195 seedlings of Pinuskoriensis, and Larch gmelinii were planted.


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