TheAfforestation Project in 2014

In 2014, Xiuyan County, located in the east of Liaoning Province, was chosen as the place for the cooperative Afforestation Project. At present, Xiuyan’s silkworm farms covered 138667 ha, and because of historical reasons and the fact that Xiuyan had been stocking tussah for many years, the forests’ ecological functions were reducing, forest degradation was serious, and biodiversity was decreasing. The Afforestation Project implementation here can improve and enhance the quality, increase the ecological benefits of forests, prevent land desertification and conserve water sources. This forest project will set a model of sustainable forest management.


The forest scale of 2014’s annual project was 259 ha, and the project covered two places---Dawei Village in Hadabei Town (109 ha) and Xiangrong Village in Longtan Town (150 ha). 815850 Korean pines and larches were planted in where used to be defective silkworm farms.


In 2014, SKF’S investment was ¥3804785. Xiuyan County received ¥3729725 and Fuxin County received ¥75060.


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