About the Afforestation Project


SKF decides to invest 25 Million SEK from 2010 to 2014 to cultivate forests for the barren and low income districts.


Forest is a critical to global ecology environmental; Chinese Forestry is one of important parts of world forestry, is playing a key role to build global ecology development.


Early in 2007, SKF group decided to invest 25 Million SEK for a 5 Years Forest project in China, to fulfill company’s social responsibilities aiming for reducing CO2 emission and contributing to global sustainability development. ‘The Framework Agreement on Forestry Cooperation” was signed with The State Forestry Administration, PRC (SFA) in May 2010, to cultivate forests for the barren and poor districts. Lately “The Operation Plan of Sino-Swedish Afforestation Project of SKF Group” was signed between Liaoning Provincial Forestry and SKF China Co., Ltd in Sep 2010; it was planned to build forest of 260.7 ha in Bajiazi Township of Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County in Liaoning in 2010.


Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County is located in northwest Liaoning province, south of Horqin Sands. This area in Fuxin County is defined as Ecological Sensitive of Class One, impacted by wind borne sand heavily. Planting forest in Fuxin County can help reduce wind borne sand invasion to further areas and Horqin Sands expansion to the south and to improve local resident’s quality of life accordingly. The project implementation in Fuxin County more likely could help build an ecological barrier for cities in the middle of Liaoning to play a positive role in guaranteeing the ecological safety of cities in the middle of Liaoning, and will have a significant practical meaning and long-term historical meaning to ecology development in Liaoning and the whole country.


2010 was a successful start for the five-year Afforestation Project, and the forest area was continually increasing in the next four years. Now, the project has finished981.9ha’s forest planting, in which 260.7 ha for 2010, 107.6 ha for 2011, 120 ha for 2012, 235.3 ha for 2013 in Shihuiyan and Hadabei Township of Xiuyan County and 259 ha for 2014 in Xiuyan as well.


Mr. Su Ming, deputy director of International Foreign Cooperation Center of SFA, said Chinese Forestry is playing a key role in building global ecology environmental, many corporate had done contribution to Chinese Forest via donation or investment, but SKF is the first corporate, who is not a company working for forest products, to investment on forest in China and to participate management of forest.



About the Afforestation Project

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