Udyogdham leprosy centre

A small organisation dedicated to help leprosy patients to support themselves through entrepreneurship

The Udyog Dham leprosy centre was established in 1975 at Talegaon, nearly 20km from SKF Pune factory by late Mr. Anant Gopal alias Dada Chaphkear. An engineer by education, Mr Gopal suffered from the disease and decided to set up an institute to the rehabilitate others that are as unfortunate and their children.

Besides providing a shelter to all-cured leprosy patients, the organisation also offers the patients with a dignified and contended life by having a small workshop. They manufacture chalks, flat files and box files which are then sold to local school and offices.

Children of leprosy-affected patients are also often the victims of desertion from their families and society. Udyog Dham leprosy centre provides residence for the children as well as education, an essential once taken away from them due to their misfortune.

To reduce the fatigue of the patients while producing the office files, SKF India donated 180,000 INR to the institute for purchasing several file-making machines to help ease the patients.

The donation was also utilised in buying bicycles, bookshelves and desks for the children at the institute. There are currently 50 children at the centre, whom either one or both of their parents are affected by the disease. The centre sees to that the children receive formal education at the local schools so they can learn to be independent and lead a normal life.

In 2010, SKF supported the renovation of all electrical wiring at the institute, which was too old and not safe. The future plan of the institute is to provide the children with vocational training after their education to help them integrate into the society.

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