Help to tsunami victims in Japan

Japan was hit by one of the most severe natural disasters in the country's history in 2011 - an earthquake of 9-magnitude, followed by a massive tsunami. This impacted the lives of more than fifteen thousand people. The economical losses were estimated to reach 211 billions dollars.

After swiftly securing the safety of our employees by relocating the head office function to Osaka and providing help to employees to evacuate to Osaka and Nagoya offices, SKF Japan teamed with other units in neighbouring countries to extend help to those that were less fortunate.

Iodine tablets were provided to prepare for any radioactive contamination and dosimeters were also supplied by SKF China to measure te radioactive level in the surroundings and in products and components supplied to SKF.

SKF Japan was in close communication with the local government to offer SKF's help to the communities affected. However because of limited capacity to receive and store eventual goods donations in the affected area, it was concluded that SKF would provide help to the locals with financial donations through aid organizations.

Apart from the donation made by SKF head office in Sweden and SKF in Japan, SKF Asia Pacific also called for a donation appeal from its employees. Donations were made to the Japan Red Cross and Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF).

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