Help to flood victims

Aid and support to hundreds of families in Pakistan

Following weeks of torrential monsoon rain, large areas of Pakistan (estimated at around 20% of the country) were flooded.

In an immediate and locally-driven response, SKF Pakistan set up an aid appeal, encouraging its employees to donate two gross salary days or more with an equal contribution from the company. All employees took part in this voluntary scheme. SKF operations in other countries - Australia, Taiwan and the office of SKF Asia Pacific in Singapore - also pitched in, raising a total of EUR 30,000 for the relief work.

With the donation, SKF Pakistan was able to embark on relief work in Dadu, Sindh, a rural area where neither government nor non-governmental organizations were present.

One hundred tents were erected in the initial phase of the project, accommodating two hundred families who had lost their homes. Medical camps with doctors and medicines, an ambulance service, water filtration plants, mosquito nets and temporary electricity supplies were among the necessities made available to those residing in the area that the inhabitants called the “SKF Village”.

Knowing that any permanent resolution or proper rebuilding of the village would take some time, a play area, pray area and basic education facilities were also provided.

Although it has been a while since the flood, aid and support is still urgently needed by the locals. SKF has continued its work by extending help to three villages nearby. Approximately two hundred houses are being constructed and SKF also plans to set up a school and medical centre for the local villagers, to take a step forward towards the rehabilitation.
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