SKF BeyondZero strategy

Being a responsible global citizen, we at SKF strive to act in a way that not only secures strong financial performance but also supports global environmental sustainability.

For more than 100 years, SKF has been providing products and solutions that make things run smoother. By reducing friction, these operations use less energy and have a reduced environmental impact.

Our strategy for actively reducing our environmental impact is called SKF BeyondZero and it guides us in our works towards environmental sustainability.

SKF BeyondZero consists of two simultaneous goals:

  • Reduce the negative environmental impact from our own operations and those of our suppliers

To date, we have been quite successful with this aspect of  SKF BeyondZero. Between 2006 and 2011 – while our business grew by 25% – we were able to reduce the total energy requirements of our manufacturing operations by 10%. Furthermore, in the same period, we have reduced the greenhouse gas emissions, specifically CO2 from our own operations by 25%.  Our Environmental Care section elaborates about our strategy and actions to mitigate environmental impacts from our operations. Click here to read more.   
  • Innovate and offer our customers new technologies, products and services with enhanced environmental performance characteristics.

In order to quantify, drive and communicate the positive side of BeyondZero, we have developed the SKF BeyondZero portfolio, through which we offer products, services and solutions to our customers that will help them positively influence their environmental impact.


At SKF, we are proud to call ourselves Knowledge Engineers. The SKF BeyondZero portfolio exemplifies this. From first sketch to recycling, we think about the potential environmental impact of our products. Raw materials, manufacturing, use and end-of-life all impact design and our thinking.

In short, our BeyondZero commitment aims to provide knowledge and solutions that help to enable emerging renewable technologies, whilst delivering solutions designed to reduce energy use in existing industrial infrastructure.

Click here to read more about the SKF BeyondZero portfolio.
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