Theo Dingemans

Theo Dingemans is a new faculty member in the Department of Applied Physical Sciences at the University of North Carolina (UNC). His group focusses on the design, synthesis and processing of high-performance polymers for structural and functional applications. UNC is Dingemans’ alma mater as he received his PhD with the Samulski-DeSimone polymer group in the mid-90s.

Dingemans recently left the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the TU-Delft in The Netherlands where he was a professor within the Department of Aerospace Structures and Materials.

When not in the lab, Theo can be seen on the track. OK, not so much these days, but he still holds various local Dutch records (Zeeland) in several sprint and hurdle events. He also won gold, silver and bronze medals at national championships.

Watch the video on the main Let's Talk Future Materials page where Theo Dingemans was a guest speaker
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