Roberto Napione

Napione is now managing the new Machine Centre of Excellence at SKF, a global team dedicated to world class manufacturing, machine design, machine learning and machine standardisation.  Napione has been with SKF since 1992 in various roles, mostly within the automotive segment. 

He is based in Airasca, Italy, and enjoys skiing and playing tennis in his spare time. 

Roberto says:

“Isaac Asimov said, ‘In the end you can’t differentiate between a robot and the very best of humans.’ A smart robot has a sensor, can learn from its environment and build new capabilities and then share that knowledge with other robots. 

The factory of the future will have a very high level of technology, not only robots but things like 3D printing, very fast communication and I would say with use of machines that are totally sensorised, controlled with one global system. But there will also be more attention to the workplace so it will be more attractive to the people. 

South Korea is the country that has the highest density of robots, 400 robots for 10 000 employees, Germany around 300 and China is growing, density is low right now but it’s growing tremendously. In 2018, 1.4 million robots will be in China. 

The unemployment rate is unchanging and if we analyse the trend of robot sales and robot use, we do not see a direct relation with unemployment and robot use.”

Watch the video on the main Let's Talk Smart Robotics page where Roberto Napione was a guest speaker.

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