The SKF Hope Schools

Sponsoring school constructions in remote parts of China

The SKF Hope School project started in October 2006 and since then it has witnessed the successful completion of several SKF Hope Schools in the country.

In China, some children do not have basic schooling due to poverty, or the areas they are residing do not have adequate school infrastructures. All SKF units in China joined their efforts and collectively sponsored the Hope School programme.
The first SKF Hope School (2007) - Anhui Province
Being located far from cities, schools on Sikong Mountain (Yuexi County in Anhui Province) are often in a ragged shape. The children have limited access to basic schooling due to poverty or insufficient schools, teachers and learning facilities, which is common in remote villages as in Sikong Mountain.

The first SKF Hope was officially inaugurated on Sept. 27, 2007 in the area. The new school consists of six classrooms, one teacher's room, and one remote teaching room to be equipped with computers. The school has the capacity to accommodate 200 students.

On the day the school was inaugurated, people from SKF, the school, government and local media attended the inauguration ceremony.

A student representative delivered a speech and happily said "When everyone was looking forward to the Mid Autumn Festival celebration, we were all looking forward to the arrival of the SKF Hope School. We have been looking forward to a proper school for years and SKF has made our dreams come true."

The second SKF Hope School (2008) - Yunan Province
The second SKF Hope School was established in Lancang County, Yunnan Province for local minority children. It was officially inaugurated on Sept. 17, 2008, with six brand new classrooms for about 280 students.

The third SKF Hope School (2009) - Gansu Province
Gansu was hit by the 512 Earthquake and consequently much of the local infrastructures were destroyed. SKF China decided to expand its Hope School project to Gansu, to reconstruct a school for the local children located in Zhuanglang County.

The 3rd SKF Hope School was successfully completed and inaugurated on Oct 28. The school has six furnished classrooms to accommodate more than 230 students together with facilities including library, function room, meeting room and dormitory for teachers.

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