Diversity and equality

To begin with, we are never complacent about inclusiveness and diversity. We have work to do and we do it because we think our diversity makes us better. The more diverse our business teams are, the more competitive we are in meeting our customers' needs. 

We are also convinced that the more inclusive we are, the better chance we have to on-boarding the right people with the right skills and mindset. After all, SKF's collective knowledge is built on the knowledge, experiences and competences our employees possess, and the energy and excitement our people bring to their teams.

Equality and inclusiveness make up the foundation

All employees regardless of their positions in the company, genders, nationalities, races, ages, and religions, shall be treated fairly and equally. Read more about how we work to uphold the principles in the human rights and labour standards section.

At SKF, we also recognize the challenges to rapidly change the composition of a global workforce and even to report diversity results. Some regions focus on gender diversity, some on age and others on cultural background. Regardless, SKF's approach of equal opportunities are the basic foundation to build diverse and competitive teams.

Continuous improvement

To increase ratio of diversity in top management, we need to build a pipeline of diverse future leader. We demand a continuously improving ratio of women and men in SKF’s management programmes and recently also for our global trainee programme. Being a truly global company, SKF has been more successful on cultural diversity with a strong local presence across the world. We build on this to make SKF’s world open and inclusive for all.
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