SKF interacts with stakeholders every day, during the normal course of business. The main groups of stakeholders are customers, investors, suppliers, employee representatives and representatives from wider society. We seek to in the best possible way serve these stakeholders and have many formal and informal dialogues with them. This is done via effective account management, PR, social media and surveys and  allow SKF to better understand different stakeholder perspectives and concerns. Listed below are some examples of how SKF conducts these engagements with various important stakeholders.

Main stakeholder groups

  • Customers
    Customer input is sought and received via the sales and marketing operations and activities which the Group carries out – from global discussions with key account managers to daily conversations between customer representatives and SKF’s local
    account managers. In addition, extensive customer perception surveys are carried out regularly, or as requested by SKF’s business areas. The input received helps the company to continually improve customer value.
  • Investors and analysts
  • Employees and union organizations
  • Communities
  • Suppliers
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