Seventy per cent of the globe is covered by water.  That adds up to an ocean of possibilities for marine energy technology developers wanting to create clean, renewable energy.
Scotland’s Orkney Islands are considered the epicentre of today’s ocean energy research and development. Top players in both wave and tidal power are situated here, taking advantage of the ideal conditions the north Atlantic offers.
The industry is still at the embryonic phase with only prototypes at work in the waters, but SKF is there providing knowledge from its experience in both the wind and the oil-and-gas industry.
Knowledge engineer Cengiz Shevket and his ocean energy team visit the Orkney Islands for the first time to see first hand how SKF can further help the industry overcome today and tomorrow’s challenges.  Reliability, maintainability and availability are key to survival in the harsh environment that is the ocean.


Cengiz Shevket, Manager, Renewable Energy Engineering team
Jim Marnoch, Ocean Energy Manager 
Michael Baumann, Business Development Manager 

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