Mounting bearings with a cylindrical bore

Mounting bearings with a tapered bore

Bearings with a tapered bore are mounted with an interference fit, by using one of the following methods:
  1. Feeling the clearance reduction by turning and swivelling the outer ring (fig. 1)
    • This method is valid for bearings with Normal radial clearance (not for sealed bearings).
    • The clearance reduction in the bearing is sufficient when the outer ring can be turned easily, but a slight resistance is felt when it is swivelled out.
  2. Measuring the lock nut tightening angle (table 1)
  3. Measuring the axial drive-up (table 1)
  4. Applying the SKF Drive-up Method (→ SKF Drive-up Method Program)
    For bearings with d ≥ 50 mm, SKF recommends using the SKF Drive-up Method. This is a fast, reliable and safe method to determine the appropriate interference fit.
For additional information about these mounting methods, refer to Mounting bearings with a tapered bore, or the SKF bearing maintenance handbook.
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