Designs and variants

SKF withdrawal sleeves are slit (fig. 1):
  • Sleeves with a bore diameter ≤ 190 mm (size ≤ 40) are phosphated.
  • Sleeves with a bore diameter > 190 mm are coated with a solventless rust inhibitor.
Withdrawal sleeves listed in the product table constitute the standard SKF assortment. For larger sizes (bore diameter ≥ 1 060 mm), contact SKF.
Sleeves for oil injection
  • enable use of the oil injection method to mount and dismount bearings
  • have two oil supply ducts at the threaded end that feed the distribution grooves (in circumferential and axial directions) in both the outside surface and the sleeve bore
  • are equipped with the necessary ducts and grooves
    • as standard for sleeves with a bore diameter ≥ 200 mm (size ≥ 44)
    • on request for sleeves with a bore diameter ≥ 150 mm (size ≥ 32)
  • include AOH(X) series (fig. 2)
Thread details for the oil supply ducts are listed in the product table. For information about oil injection equipment, refer to the catalogue SKF Maintenance and Lubrication Products or visit Hydraulic tools for mounting and dismounting.
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