Composite flanged housings

Composite flanged housings are used in the ball bearing unit series listed in:

Composite flanged housings are made of leightweight glass fibre reinforced PA6 and have no relubrication feature. For durability, mechanical strength and thermal stability they are reinforced with a "moulded in" steel coil.

Composite flanged ball bearing units are particularly well-suited for applications with relatively high speeds, moderate loads and where reliability and minimal maintenance are key factors.
Two different housing designs are available:
  • FYK series ()
    → square flange
    → four round bolt holes

The bolt holes are reinforced with chromium6+ free zinc-coated steel inserts.

End covers

End covers are made of polypropylene (PP), have good resistance to most chemicals and can withstand operating temperatures up to 100 °C (210 °F). They are mounted by snapping them into the recess of the housing.
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