Pressed steel flanged housings

Pressed steel flanged housings can be combined with different insert bearing designs according to:
  • table 1 for oval flanged units
  • table 2 for round and triangular flanged units
Pressed steel housings are to be ordered separately from the insert bearings. The advantage of ordering individual components is that a large number of combinations is possible.

Pressed steel flanged housings are made of chromium6+ free sheet steel and zinc-coated for corrosion protection. They are designed for simple applications with limited loads and speeds and do not have any relubrication feature.

Three different housing designs are available:
  • PFT series (fig. 1)
    → oval flange
    → two square bolt holes
  • PF series (fig. 2)
    → round flange
    → three or four square bolt holes
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