To facilitate mounting and dismounting tapered bore bearings with d > 120 mm, SKF recommends using the oil injection method (→ Medium-sized and large bearings). With this method, the friction between the bearing and bearing seat is reduced considerably.

For bearings with a cylindrical bore, the oil injection method is only used for dismounting.

Where the oil injection method is to be used, ducts and grooves should be provided in the shaft. For details about suitable dimensions, refer to Provisions for mounting and dismounting.

Mounting bearings with a tapered bore

Bearings with a tapered bore are mounted with an interference fit. To obtain the proper degree of interference, one of the following methods can be used:
  1. Measuring the clearance reduction (table 1)
  2. Measuring the axial drive-up (table 1)
For additional information about these mounting methods, refer to Mounting bearings with a tapered bore, or the SKF bearing maintenance handbook.
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