Bearing data

Dimension standards

Boundary dimensions: ISO 15

Except for:

  • outer ring width of NNF 50 series bearings:
    C = 1 mm smaller than ISO standard
  • bearings in the 3194.. series:
    dimensions not standardized


For additional information → Tolerances


Values: ISO 492 (table 1)

Radial internal clearance

For additional information → Internal clearance

Normal, C3

Check availability of other clearance classes

Values: ISO 5753-1 (table 2)

Values are valid for unmounted bearings under zero measuring load.

Permissible misalignment

Misalignment increases bearing noise and reduces bearing service life.

For information, contact the SKF application engineering service.

Permissible axial displacement (fig. 1)

smax → product table

Bearings having no flange, or only one integral flange on either the inner or outer ring, can accommodate axial displacement. Displacement of the shaft relative to the housing occurs within these bearings. As a result, there is virtually no increase in friction.

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