Shaft and housing tolerances

For split cylindrical roller bearings which are subjected to alternating directions of load and rotation and also relatively heavy loads (P > 0,12 C) it is recommended that the shaft be machined to tolerance h6. For bearings under constant direction loads which are lighter (P < 0,12 C) shaft seats machined to h7 are also acceptable. For light loads and low speeds it is possible to use tolerance h9/IT7, normally recommended for adapter sleeve mounting of bearings.
The tolerance recommended for the housing bore seat is H7.
Split bearings are frequently used as replacements for the original equipment non-split bearings as this is often the only possible way of replacing the bearings in situ. In such cases the shaft should be machined to a tolerance m6 to r7. This gives the desired interference fit for the non-split inner rings. The split inner rings have a correspondingly larger bore to prevent a gap occurring in the join after mounting.
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