Design considerations

Abutment dimensions

Appropriate abutment diameters are provided in table 1.

Recommendations for surfaces of adjacent machine components that guide needle roller and cage assemblies axially:

  • fine turned and polished
  • hardened and ground for high-speed operations
  • no interruptions
For less demanding applications, snap rings can be used Otherwise, use an intermediate ring, e.g. a spring steel washer, between the snap ring and the cage assembly.

Shaft and housing raceway tolerances

  • significantly influence the operating clearance in the bearing
  • are provided under operating clearance

For additional information about raceways, refer to Raceways on shafts and in housings.

Paired mounting

Where roller sets are to be mounted immediately adjacent to each other, the load should be shared equally by both roller sets. Therefore, needle roller and cage assemblies should incorporate rollers of the same gauge.

The deviation from the nominal dimensions of the fitted needle rollers is printed on the package.

For additional information about gauges, refer to Tolerances.

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