Bearing data

Dimension standards

Boundary dimensions: ISO 104


For additional information → Tolerances


Total height H:

  • for basic design bearings, tolerance at least 50% tighter than ISO standard
  • for SKF Explorer bearings, tolerance 75% tighter than ISO standard

Values: ISO 199 (table 1)

Permissible misalignment

The permissible misalignment is reduced as the load increases.

Guideline values for rotating shaft applications: table 2

Whether these values can be fully exploited depends on the design of the bearing arrangement, the external sealing design, etc.

For applications with a rotating housing washer, or where the direction of misalignment is not constant relative to the housing washer, additional sliding may occur in the bearing and misalignment should be < 0,1°.

Friction, starting torque, power loss

SKF Bearing Calculator

For temperature and/or cooling requirement calculations for large bearings (dm > 400 mm)1), vertical shafts and fully submerged conditions, contact the SKF application engineering service.

  1. 1)dm = bearing mean diameter [mm]
                 = 0,5 (d + D)
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