Designs and variants

Basic design bearings
  • have a design and internal geometry that provide long service life
  • have crowned raceway profiles and an optimized surface finish of the inner ring guide flange that enables them to run cooler and consume less lubricant than conventional design bearings
  • have load rating values that are in accordance with ISO and even above (→ product table)
  • offer a cost-effective solution for standard industrial applications
On request, SKF can also supply any inner ring with roller and cage assembly (cone) or any outer ring (cup) separately (fig. 1).
SKF Explorer bearings
SKF continuously expands its assortment of SKF Explorer bearings. In addition to the existing SKF Explorer single row tapered roller bearings (→ product table), SKF can also manufacture basic design tapered roller bearings as SKF Explorer bearings, on request. These SKF Explorer tapered roller bearings are identified by the designation suffix PEX.
Application-specific bearings

For applications where the bearings are subjected to unique operating conditions, SKF manufactures customized single row tapered roller bearings on request. To meet the needs of these particular applications, SKF manufactures, for example, pinion or low-friction bearings with the following features:

Pinion bearings

  • are designed for pinion shafts in the differentials of automotive transmissions to provide a constant, accurate gear mesh
  • have very narrow geometrical tolerances and high preload capability 
  • have special friction characteristics and can be axially adjusted within narrow limits using the friction-torque method
  • have an internal design that supports the formation of a hydrodynamic lubricant film to substantially reduce friction, and consequently the operating temperature, during the running-in period 
  • retain their preload setting when mounted, lubricated and maintained properly
  • are identified by the designation suffix CL7C

Low-friction bearings

  • are designed to meet the ever-increasing demands to reduce friction and energy use
  • optimize a reduction in friction through their internal geometry, number of rollers, surface finish and redesign of their cage
  • have a frictional moment that is at least 30% lower when compared with a same-sized SKF standard bearing
  • normally do not need a running-in procedure because their optimized contact profiles provide optimum load distribution and they experience only a small, controlled loss of initial preload
  • generate less frictional heat and therefore enable extended lubrication intervals or operation at higher speeds
  • have a roller and cage assembly with a lower mass and therefore reduced inertial forces in the bearing, which reduce the risk of skidding and smearing
  • are typically used in automotive and industrial transmissions
Bearings with a flanged outer ring
SKF also manufactures certain sizes of single row tapered roller bearings with a flange on the outer ring (fig. 2). These bearings are easy to locate axially in the housing. The housing bore can be manufactured more easily and more cost-effectively because housing shoulders are not required.

SKF single row tapered roller bearings are fitted with one of the cages shown in table 1. The standard stamped steel cage is not identified in the bearing designation. If non-standard cages are required, check availability prior to ordering.

When used at high temperatures, some lubricants can have a detrimental effect on polyamide cages. For information about the suitability of cages, refer to Cages.

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