Extend bearing service life with NitroMax

Super-precision bearing made in NitroMax steel

To enable longer bearing service life and reduce the costs associated with downtime, SKF has developed a superior high-nitrogen steel.

NitroMax is a new generation stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance, enhanced fatigue strength and a high degree of impact toughness. This ultra-clean steel, with a high nitrogen content, can extend bearing service life in applications under good (full-film) lubrication conditions. But more importantly, it can significantly extend bearing service life under critical (thin-film) lubrication conditions.

The SKF assortment of super-precision angular contact ball bearings made from NitroMax steel has rolling elements made of ceramic (bearing grade silicon nitride) as standard.

Features and benefits of ceramic rolling elements include:

• Lower density

• Lower friction

• High hardness and high modulus of elasticity

• Low coefficient of thermal expansion.


The combined properties of NitroMax steel rings and ceramic rolling elements greatly improve bearing performance, enabling these bearings to run several times longer than conventional hybrid bearings.

Standard bearings made from NitroMax steel have an integral seal fitted on both sides and are filled with premium grease. The non-contact seals virtually eliminate the problem of premature bearing failures resulting from the ingress of contaminants into the bearing.

And because these seals are non-contacting, they are very effective at containing the grease without compromising the speed capability of the bearings.

Sealed super-precision hybrid bearings made from NitroMax steel are relubrication-free under normal operating conditions.

Bearings without seals are also available.

NitroMax steel also has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This enables bearings made from NitroMax steel to better maintain their preload during operation, even at high speeds, which means less heat generated by the bearings and longer grease service life.

The enhanced performance of bearings made from NitroMax steel means that bearing maintenance cycles are extended and machine uptime is increased. The end result: bearings made from NitroMax steel significantly reduce the cost of ownership.

For additional information about NitroMax steel, refer to Materials for bearing rings and rolling elements.

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