High-speed B design bearings

B design bearings (fig. 1) are designed for high-speed operation and are best suited for lighter loads and lower operating temperatures. When compared to E and D design bearings, B design bearings are equipped with the maximum number of very small balls. The smaller, lighter balls reduce the centrifugal loads acting on the outer ring raceway and therefore reduce the stresses on the rolling contact surfaces. As smaller balls require less space, the bearing rings have a larger cross-sectional height, making them less susceptible to distortion resulting from irregularities of the bearing seat, either on the shaft or in the housing.


Typical applications for bearings in the 719 .. B and 70 .. B series include:
  • electro-spindles (fig. 2)
  • metal cutting machines (fig. 2)
  • woodworking machines
  • milling machines
  • machining centres
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