Dynamic loads

As track rollers are not supported in a housing, the outer rings deform, leading to an altered load distribution and bending stresses in the outer ring.

The basic load ratings listed in the product table take into account the altered load distribution, while the maximum permissible radial loads Fr max (→ product table) are based on the bending stresses.

Static loads

Permissible static load is the lower value of F0r max or C0 (→ product table).

Where requirements for smooth running are below normal, the static load may exceed C0, but should never exceed the maximum permissible static radial load F0r max.

Axial loads

Cam followers are intended for radial loads. However, their flange rings enable cam followers to accommodate axial loads that can occur because of skew or tilting. The magnitude of permissible load depends on the internal design.

Minimum load
For additional information → Requisite minimum load
Frm = 0,0167 C0 

Perform calculations
Equivalent dynamic bearing load
For additional information → Equivalent dynamic bearing load, P
P = Fr
Equivalent static bearing load
For additional information → Equivalent static load
P0 = Fr


C0basic static load rating [kN] (→ product table)
Frradial load [kN]
Fr maxmaximum permissible dynamic radial load [kN] (→ product table)
F0r maxmaximum permissible static radial load [kN] (→ product table)
Frmminimum radial load [kN]
Pequivalent dynamic bearing load [kN]
P0equivalent static bearing load [kN]
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