Temperature limits

The permissible operating temperature for cam followers can be limited by:

  • the dimensional stability of the bearing rings and rollers
  • the cage
  • the seals
  • the lubricant
Where temperatures outside the permissible range are expected, contact SKF.

Bearing rings and rollers

SKF cam followers are heat stabilized up to at least 140 °C (280 °F).


Steel cages can be used at the same operating temperatures as the bearing rings and rollers.


The permissible operating temperature for seals depends on the seal material:

  • NBR: –40 to +100 °C (–40 to +210 °F)
    Temperatures up to 120 °C (250 °F) can be tolerated for brief periods.
  • PA66 sliding rings: –30 to +100 °C (–20 to +210 °F)
Typically, temperature peaks are at the seal lip.


Temperature limits for greases used in SKF cam followers are provided in table 1. For temperature limits of other SKF greases, refer to Selecting a suitable SKF grease.
When using lubricants not supplied by SKF, temperature limits should be evaluated according to the SKF traffic light concept.
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