Bearing data

Single row cam rollersDouble row cam rollers
Dimension standardsISO 15, dimension series 02, except for the outside diameterISO 15, dimension series 32, except for the outside diameter

Profile of the outer ring running surface

Radius = 400 mm

  • 3058.. C design
    Radius = 400 mm
  • 3057.. C design
    Cylindrical (flat)

For additional information → Tolerances
Normal, except:
  • diameter of the crowned running surface: twice the Normal tolerance

Values for Normal tolerance class: ISO 492 (table 1)
Internal clearance

For additional information → Internal clearance
Values: ISO 5753-1 (table 2)
Values 32 A series: (table 3)
Values are valid for unmounted bearings under zero measuring load.
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