SKF support rollers are supplied greased (table 1).

(R)STO design support rollers can be oil or grease lubricated. In applications where oil is used, SKF recommends thoroughly washing the initial grease fill from the bearing prior to operation.

For general information, refer to Lubrication.

Relubrication requirements

Support rollers:
  • should be relubricated regularly to achieve their full service life, even if the initial grease fill still has its full lubricating properties
  • used in applications where there are light loads, relatively low speeds and clean surroundings can operate for long periods before relubrication is required
  • that operate under contaminated and damp conditions at high speeds or at temperatures > 70 °C (160 °F) require more frequent relubrication
  • without a cage (full complement of rollers) require more frequent relubrication

Relubrication features

The inner rings of SKF support rollers have one lubrication hole, except:
  • NNTR designs with d ≤ 90 mm → three lubrication holes
  • NNTR designs with d ≥ 100 mm → six lubrication holes

If suitable ducts are provided in the pin, the bearings are easy to relubricate.

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