SKF Electronic Steering Input Unit

Electronic steering input unit

The SKF Electronic Steering Input Unit is a mechatronic solution with integrated Electronic Control Unit (ECU), embedded software and CAN bus interface, which can replace the traditional steering column offering a robust steering input function to be fitted in both electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanic steer-by-wire systems. 

The solution translates the steering wheel's rotational movement into safe digital information on the CAN bus, offering a resistive steering feedback with redundant control. Engineered to withstand severe operating conditions and tested to fulfill the severe steering input requirements for marine and off-highway segments, these units have passed an extensive set of mechanical, environmental and electrical tests.


  • Redundant position signal for steering wheel
  • Controllable resistive steering feedback with redundant command
  • Compact design
  • Contactless sensors

Customer Benefits

  • Enables more ergonomic vehicle interior design
  • Enables more accurate, comfortable and safe steering for better vehicle manoeuvrability
  • Integrated and virtually maintenance free technology reduces cost of ownership
ESIU technical data
  • Resistive feedback torque: 0,3 – 12 Nm
  • Max static axial force: 1500 N
  • Max steering speed: 180 r/min
  • Supply Voltage: 10V – 36 V DC
  • Ambient operating temperature: –40° to +85°
  • Protection Level: IP 67

Typical applications:

  • Leisure boats
  • Forklift trucks
  • Off-highway vehicles
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