Thermography training

To get the most from any thermography inspection programme, it is essential that thermographers are properly trained and qualified. Trained and qualified thermographers provide companies with a great return on their investment and, importantly, help avoid the significant damages often associated with unqualified work.

Globally, a number of training providers offer certified infrared thermography courses to Level 1, 2 and 3. All courses should meet or exceed the educational requirements of ISO 18436 and/or SNT-TC-1A. Details of such courses in your region can often easily be found by searching the internet. In addition to the certified courses available, SKF offers a number of valuable fee-based online training resources:

Working in partnership with the Snell Group, one of the industry’s largest and most experienced independent infrared knowledge providers, a number of on-demand webinars are available. These webinars offer a wealth of useful knowledge, and are presented by experienced thermographers with many years of experience. The webinars offer many practical tips, to get the most from your SKF Thermal Cameras and enhance your daily thermography work.
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The SKF Knowledge Centre is SKF's knowledge source for asset maintenance and reliability expertise. Here can be found a number white papers, interactive services and tutorials relating to thermographic analysis topics.
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