Technical support request form

Once you have registered your product, click here to submit the Technical Support Request Form to contact technical support.

Note: Your default email program will be used to submit the Technical Support Request Form.  If your email program does not launch successfully when you submit the form from the link above, please email the information listed below for support.
  • Contact name, address and telephone number
  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Product purchase date
  • Product model and serial numbers
  • When and how product was registered
  • Software/Firmware version information
  • Do you have a Product Support Plan (PSP)?
  • Case number (if this is a follow-up to a previous issue)
  • Description of problem
  • Error message (if any)
  • Diagnosis
  • If a software-related issue, describe your workstation environment (PC model, operating system, etc.)
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