Electric motor test and monitoring product support

Obtaining information concerning products and testing techniques is important to any maintenance or repair programme. Below you will find support information for issues related to electric motor testing, including customer services, case studies, product manuals and technical articles.

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For electric motor test product issues, including troubleshooting of product installation, performance, etc., contact SKF USA technical support:
    Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)

    4812 McMurry Avenue
    Fort Collins, CO 80525
    Email: service.cmcfc@skf.com
    Phone: +1 800-752-8272
               +1 970-282-1200
    Fax: +1 970-282-1010

Technical library for electric motor testing

Technical articles on a wide variety of testing topics, case studies that represent many industries, customer service articles, and instrumentation operation manuals. Even though there are a variety of items, it is not an exhaustive list. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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