Level II dynamic motor monitoring

Course description

This "by invitation only" course is designed to build upon the knowledge obtained by previous course work and significant field experience with dynamic motor monitoring equipment. This course will provide instruction on detailed diagnosis of data through the use of case study presentations, "hands on" data analysis of past problems, and "hands on" live motor acquisition and analysis in a laboratory environment. A final written and practical exam is required for qualification. Seminar price includes workbook, lodging and most meals (call Jenny Ray at 970-282-1200 for pricing).

Course objectives

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the dynamic motor monitoring equipment and the software interface
  • Develop an extensive understanding of motor monitoring applications
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of electrical motor theory and how it pertains to motor monitoring
  • "Hands on" training for familiarity with instrumentation connection and operation
  • Enhance the ability of the user to diagnose potential problems within electrical motor systems


Dynamic motor monitoring theory
  • Level I review, including basic DC analysis
  • Fundamentals of waveform and spectral analysis
  • Power condition
  • Motor performance/condition
  • Energy efficiency assessment
  • Motor load assessment
  • Torque analysis
  • Fundamental fault frequency characteristics

Software training

  • Level I software review
  • Advanced data collection techniques
  • Intermediate waveform interpretation and analysis
  • Intermediate spectrum interpretation and analysis

Case studies

  • AC case studies review and "hands on" analysis
  • DC case studies review

Course duration

  • four days (includes most meals and lodging - call Jenny Ray at 970-282-1200 for pricing)
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