Static motor analyzer accessories

Bar-to-bar DC armature test accessory for Baker AWA-IV
The ATF 5000
The following accessories are available to expand functionality and test capabilities of Baker AWA-IV, Baker DX, Baker power pack and Baker ZTX electric motor test equipment:
  • NEW! The ATF 5000 DC armature bar-to-bar test accessory: A hand-held fixture for accurate positioning of test probes on DC armatures for bar-to-bar tests
  • Baker ZTX bar-to-bar test accessory  (fig 1): A high-current surge test adapter for DC motors, form coils and other low-impedance windings; this accessory is used with the Baker AWA-IV (6 kV, 12 kV, and 12 kV HO models only)
  • Baker ZTX bar-to-bar surge test accessory with probes and clips (fig 2): A fixture and control box that enables quick, easy, yet thorough tests of commutators
  • ATP02-P (fig 3): Armature test low impedance test probe
  • ATP02-C (fig 4): Armature test low impedance test probe and clips
  • ATF02 (fig 5): Armature test fixture
  • PCMCIA card (fig 6): Parallel port adapter card for parallel port printers
  • Large Kelvin clips (fig 7): Resistance clips (6.875 x 4.000 in., 1.75 in. opening teeth width; three per set)
  • Medium Kelvin clips (): Resistance clips (three per set)
  • Foot switch (fig 9): Allows hands-free operation of tester/power pack
  • PP-L/PP-S (fig 10): Remote access package (lights and disable switch); sold together or individually
  • CC6/12 or CCAWA fiberglass case for 6 kV and 12 kV testers (): Protect sensitive equipment with fully foam-lined, hard shell fibreglass cases; has extendable handle and wheels for easy transport
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