LMC 301

Controller to reliably control small, large or multi-system-type lubrication systems

LMC301, model 86500 / 86501
LMC301, model 86500 / 86501
Single-line lubrication grease
System layout of a single-line lubrication system with LMC301 control unit

The LMC 301 is a compact, modularly expandable control and monitoring device. The device is equipped with an LCD display and 6 functional keys for programming, parameter setting and signalization. The user is guided through the setting menu. Additionally, there is a simple-to-use PC software for parameter setting and diagnostics available.

Features and benefits:

  • Integrated, flexible lubrication programs
  • Basic device with 10 digital inputs, of which two can be used analogously, and eight outputs
  • Up to seven extension modules can be added, whereby each module has 10 E 8 A just like the basic device.
  • Three lubrication pumps can be controlled and monitored, each of which provides up to three lubrication circuits
  • Single modules are connected by a bus interface
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