SKF ST-102
SKF ST-102
ST-102 is designed for the control and monitoring of lubrication systems in 12V or 24V vehicles.
ST-102 is one channel lubrication control center. It supports SKF MonoFlex and SKF DuoFlex lubrication systems. All lubrication configurations can be set in field by user.

Main applications:
Control of lubrication systems with:
  • Pneumatic pump SKF 40PGAS Pump
  • Electrical pump SKF Minilube

Technical features:
  • Lubrication channels: 1
  • Operation temperature: –40 to +80 °C
  • Operating voltage range: 12/24 V DC
  • Casing: 26 x 60 x 160 mm (w x h x d), plastic case
  • Protection class: IP40
  • Interface: 1 button user interface, 3 LEDs
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