Online 1440

SKF Online 1440
SKF Online 1440
SKF Online 1440 is a windows software designed for controlling, monitoring and analyzing SKF MonoFlex, SKF DuoFlex and SKF ProFlex lubrication systems.
The application can be run from PCs which are connected into the control center by direct cable or by Ethernet.

The application has two main functions:
  1. System control – online
  2. Analyzing the lubrication history data.
Online -function enables the user to monitor system operation online, starting extra lubrication cycles, resetting alarms and setting the parameters for the centre and the lubrication channels.
History data - function enables the user to read and analyze lubrication history: lubrication trends, alarms, user actions etc.

The system settings can be saved into a file and they can be restored as parameter values for the system, if necessary.

Technical features:
  • The maximum number of control centres connected to the system is 20
  • Operating system: Windows XP
  • Interface types: Serial and Ethernet

Compatible centres:
  • ST-1240-GRAPH
  • ST-1240-IF
  • ST-1340
  • ST-1440
  • Maxilube

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