Dual-line metering devices

Lubricant metering devices for dual-line automatic lubrication systems

Working principle:

In contrast to single-line or progressive systems, dual-line systems are designed with two simultaneous feed lines. One of the main lines is pressurized while the other is relieved of pressure. In order to perform a complete lubrication cycle, both main lines have to be alternately pressurized and relieved of pressure.

The metering devices measure an adjustable quantity of lubricant per lubrication cycle. Each lubrication point has its own lubricant outlet. A dual-line metering device can serve even or odd number of lubrication points.


  • Modular metering devices
  • Block metering devices
  • For small-sized systems
  • up-to large multi-channel applications with thousands of lubrication points in heavy industries
In the table you can find the technical details of dual-line metering devices.
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