Flow meter for oil circulating systems

SMD in a stainless steel rack
SMD in a stainless steel rack

SKF Variolub SMD flow meters are designed to meter and monitor the flow in oil circulation lubrication systems. They are offered in three different versions covering a flow rate of 0,05 to 40 l/min. The flow meters can be adjusted by a built-in adjustment valve. 

The meters provide visual and electronic monitoring, and the by-pass system allows adjustment and service, even while the system is running. Due to their modular design, SMD flow meters can be easily replaced, adapted and expanded. They are suitable for machines with several hundred lubrication points and provide reliability and flexibility.

Features and benefits

  • High accuracy and robust design
  • Easy maintenance and reduced downtime due to bypass system
  • Modular system enables flow rate changes and system extension
  • Many industry interfaces available
  • Monitoring by SKF IPM12 pulse meter
  • Programming and set up by SKF PGA3 or SKF Variolub software
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