Screw-in flow restrictors for circulating oil systems


SKF screw-in flow restrictors VD are used to deliver relatively small amounts of oil to lubrication points. 

Four types of SKF VD are available, differing in tube diameter, flow rate and functionality. VD1 and VD4 restrictors can be combined and fit to manifolds. VD2 and VD3 can be screwed directly into the ports of individual lubrication points. Screw-in restrictors VD3 and VD4 also come with a check valve to prevent leaks. These inexpensive flow restrictors are sensitive to dirt. Therefore, it is recommended to use a filter size of 10 μm.

Features and benefits

  • Easy planning and flow rate regulation
  • Flow rate dependent on pressure and viscosity
  • Check valve to prevent leaks (VD3, VD4)
  • Fitting to manifolds and combination of screw-in restrictors possible (VD1, VD4)
  • Direct threading into ports of individual lubrication points possible (VD2, VD3)

Configure the product according your needs, download the CAD file

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