Modular metering devices for progressive automatic lubrication systems

PSG2 (basic)
PSG2 (basic)
PSG2 with 2 2-directional solenoid valve
PSG2 with 2 2-directional solenoid valve

The PSG2 is a progressive metering device made of a baseplate and metering sections. These can be removed without loosening the tubing as all inlets and outlets are positioned in the common baseplate. By unscrewing the internal setscrew two opposite outlets can be consolidated internally. Externally a maximum of three outlets can be consolidated via a crossporting bridge. A minimum of three metering section need to be used.

Features and benefits:
  • Easy to service as outlets located in the baseplate
  • Flexible with exchangeable metering segments
  • Visual or electrical monitoring available
  • Increased corrosion resistance material available
  • Dummy segments without output available
  • Adjustable output by consolidating outlets internally or externally

Configure the product according your needs, download the CAD file

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