Single-line lubricant metering devices

Lubricant metering devices for single-line automatic lubrication systems

Working principle:

  • Only one lubricant point is assigned to each lubricant outlet.
  • Pre-lubrication metering devices feed the quantity of lubricant to the lubrication point during the pressure build-up in the main line. i.e. while the pump is running.
  • Re-lubrication metering devices do not feed the lubricant to the lubrication point until the pressure relief process in the main line has been completed, i.e. after the pump has been turned off. Relubrication metering devices work like spring-energy accumulators. If, for example, lubrication points are subject to heavy loads during the lubricating cycle, the lubricant is stored in the metering devices and not discharged until the friction points move or are relieved of pressure.


  • Multi-point distributors have a zinc die cast housing. They are built into the main line.
  • Single-point distributors (metering units) are mounted on manifolds.
  • Single metering units are screwed directly into the lubrication points.
In the table you can find the technical details of single-line metering devices.

Single-line distributors

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