Lubrication pumps and pumping units

Lubrication pumps feed lubricant from the lubricant reservoir into the tubing system of the centralized lubrication system.

The manometric pressure has to be high enough to compensate for pressure drops in the tubing, components (filters, valves, distributors) and friction points.

Lubrication pumps and pump units

Differentiating criteria for lubrication feed pumps:

  • Type of centralized lubrication system
    total loss lubrication system (single-line, dual-line and multi-line lubrication systems)
    circulating oil lubrication system (single-circuit and multi-circuit lubrication systems)
  • Principle of operation
    oscillating and rotary positive-displacement pumps
  • Type of drive
    manual, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, without own drive
  • Pump design
    pump unit without reservoir or for flange mounting on to a reservoir,
    unit complete with reservoir,
    compact unit
  • Lubricant
    fluid grease,
  • Lubricant quantities required by the system
    cm³ per delivery stroke, cm³/min or l/min
  • Pressure ranges
    Low pressure up to 10 bar,
    intermediate pressure up to 50 bar,
    high pressure up to 400 bar
  • Temperature ranges
    -25 to +80 °C (e.g. automotive sector)
    -25 to +60 °C (e.g. industrial sector)
    -20 to +80 °C (e.g. chain lubrication)
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