PPS30 - easy refilling concept
PPS30 - for use with oil and fluid grease
PPS30 - for use with oil and fluid grease
Pneumatically operated piston pump unit for SKF MonoFlex single-line centralized lubrication systems

Technical features:
  • Lubricant:
        Mineral and synthetic oil (Operating viscosity 20–1 500 mm²/s)
        Fluid grease, NLGI-Grade 000, 00
  • Reservoir capacity: 1,5 l
  • Number of outlets: max. 3
  • Displacement: 30 cm³/stroke
  • Operating pressure: up to 27 bar (dependent from inlet air pressure)

  • Extremely compact, light-weighted design with a modern appearance
  • Concentrated functionality with integrated relief valve and electronic sensors
  • Small air consumption over lifetime 
  • Independent from national/regional standards
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